25 September 2012

Make Your Bed

Unfortunately not my bed... image via

So I mentioned yesterday that last February I added a few morning rituals to start my day off with more of a sense of order.  On February 3rd I made my bed, which was not an uncommon thing to do. But it wasn't necessarily a common thing that happened, either. {oops!} But on February 3rd I made my bed with the intention of making my bed every single day after that as well.

And guess what?  It stuck.

I have made my bed every single day since then, with the exception of maybe one or two days where I hit the ground running right out the door and didn't realize I'd forgotten.  It's almost always done before lunch (which is something, on certain days).  On really crazy days it isn't the most beautiful job, but I get it done.  Here's one of my secrets: the days I really, really don't want to make my bed?  I wash my sheets and duvet instead.  Then I make the bed.

{Go, sense of order!}

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