This blog has at the moment, evolved into an elaborate Get Things Done record of sorts.  

So to the beginning.  We bought a house a few years ago.  It is forty-three years old.  It needed some updates.  So I've been updating.  In between taking care of my 5 kids (ages 2-11), hanging out with Ben (my husband), chatting with my sisters (I have 6 of them),  chillin' with the cat (just kidding--the cat keeps to himself) and enjoying (the occasional) parenthetical statement, I am tearing things out and putting them back together.  Also sanding a lot of things.  And painting.  A lot of painting.

Another quest I am on is not just To Do, but To Get Rid Of.  We all have way too much stuff, right?  Right.  So I am getting rid of stuff, while I fix stuff up.  My goal? I'm starting with 1000 things.  So long, farewell, and all that jazz.  Wish me luck.

And then I like to write the random post about life occasionally.

So that's this blog:

1) The House
2) What is contained in The House
3) Who lives in The House.

Want to read more actual writing?  I use to blog HERE.

P.S. The Fa la la?
... is something I write.  Often.  In cursive script.  Fa la la la la.  When I'm thinking about things.  When I'm trying to write a grocery list.  When I'm doodling on a scrap of paper.  Fa la la la la la la la la.  I love how the letters loop together, like a train of thought that just ends up...somewhere.  And isn't that a perfect explanation of life?  Well, maybe not your life...