1000 Things in 2014: Starting Over
Given Away, Thrown Away, you know

1. A Christmas Tree
2. The Strand tee
3. Writer's Notebook thingy
4. 2013 Calendar (I'm always tempted to keep them for the nice pictures)
5. old karaoke machine
6. small dresser
7. stack of books
8. pair of boots
9. another pair of boots
10. small vase
11-15.  glass jars
16. sweat pants
17. lots of small insignificant toys that have been hiding in my closet
18. several pens that were not up to snuff.  whatever snuff is.
19. picture
20. rug
21. box of random clothes & who know what else?
22. a book
23. Another book.  One on style that I found a tad annoying.
24. A throw pillow
25. another throw pillow
26-46. Many clothes for all ages, sizes and gender. It was a very big bag.
47. A plastic toy firetruck. Shhh. Don't tell my son.
48. A lamp shade
49. A lamp
50. Another lamp
51. An old basket
52. toy blocks

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