13 February 2014

Early Spring. Thaw ... I hope.

Early Spring.  Thaw  by Aleksey Savrosov 1885

I'll admit it, I've had Spring Fever since January 3rd.  This winter has been cold, dry and biting and that is not the kind of winter I enjoy.  The snow on the lawn has been there since December and is not so much snow anymore, but hard slippery ice. The past few days though, has seen the temperature rise into the 40's and it's now flirting with the 50's and although it's rainy, I'll take it.  I shouldn't even say although.  We need the rain.  Rain here, snow in the mountains.  Bring on the Spring! The rainy Spring.

I'm still puttering through painting the trim and closet doors.  I'm working on pulling the girls' rooms together, checking out bulletin boards and side tables.  But I have an itch to get out and do a little late winter/early spring clean up in the yard.

In the tulip beds right in back of my house there are tiny green shoots pushing up through the ground.  It's the sunniest, warmest place in my yard and so while the front yard is still waiting for the crocuses to find their way up sometime in March, it looks like we may get some early spring tulips and I am excited for that.

25 January 2014

Progress. Slowly.

We're getting the girls' rooms put together.  I've hung some curtains and put on new sheets.  I have to paint a few walls, finish the trim and hang some shelves, etc.  Hopefully that will get done soon.  I have my eye out for a few side tables for E's bed, and some lamps as well.  I actually found some great tables but didn't jump on them and now they're gone.  Oh well.  If the temperature will warm up just a tad I'll get the bedroom painted.  Come on, temperature.

02 January 2014

Oh the trim, the trim

Here's the thing about putting in new trim, baseboards, door casings and the like.  You have to get it prepped and painted and it takes longer than you want.  But.  It looks nice.

Today I painted in the boys' room.  The closet trim is done, one closet door is half done, and the doorway is two thirds done.

However, in a case of miles to go before I sleep, I still have to do a fair amount of work to get my room done, ditto for the hallway and lower landing downstairs, and also, the girls' rooms.

Also, sponge rollers of the world? I don't love them.  That's all.

17 December 2013

The wood floor on the landing

The finish coats have been applied.  Several coats, and it's a little smelly in here, but not too bad.  I have just opened a few windows a bit, however, and turned up the heat.

The final coat, I think, could have been a tad more neat.  But all things considered (that a rug will be there) I am not going to stress over it.  If it really bugs me, I'll sand it down and redo it in the summer, when it's not below freezing outside.

I have also decided against paneling on the walls in the landing and on the stairs.  I'll just stick with a chair rail, which will be easier, less expensive, and more elegant.

11 December 2013


Carpet's in.

Also, I ripped out the old parquet on the landing and installed a realio, trulio hardwood floor.  All by myself.  It's not perfect.  I sanded it with my little old rotary sander, and there are a few places it would have been nicer/better to have a heftier kind of machine.  But all in all, it's done, I'm happy with it, and I'm waiting for the darn temperature to warm up a little bit so I can seal it.

I admit to being sort of terrified to start on the floor by myself.  I contemplated calling someone to do it for me.  But in the end I pulled it off by myself.  And then I was a little sore for a few days.

This past month has seen my skillz improve.  I now have a deep abiding love for air compressors, nail guns and miter saws.  It must be in the genes (my mom has been my partner in crime).

Also, Christmas decor is mostly up.  So it's festive.  And that's good.