20 April 2015

Spring Cleaning ~ Day 5

This is a story about drapes.  Sort of.
It's also a story about cleaning the Living Room.  Which I have done.  Hooray another check on my list!

So, I've:

Dusted the cobwebs,
Cleaned the ceilings where needed,
Put the drapes in the dryer to get off the dust,
Dusted molding around the windows, and frames around pictures,
Taken the books off the shelves, dusted shelves, put the books back on,
Vacuumed everywhere, even under the bookshelves using a vacuum attachment,
Re-hung drapes, discovered there are some dirt marks.
Decide in the end that if I am truly trying to be thorough about this I should wash the drapes.
Wash the drapes.  Dry the drapes.
Because I want to belie my easy going personality, I dust some of my scrolly-wood cut out frames with Q tips.
I clean more bookshelves, polish the piano and some side tables,
Readjust the rug,
Wash the windows,
Clean the baseboards, wipe down closet door,
and finally take down some Christmas lights.
I rehang the newly washed drapes.

The End.

18 April 2015

Spring Cleaning ~ Days 3 & 4

For Friday and Saturday I did not tackle a specific project.  Which I really should have, you know, jumped in and kept going, but I didn't do nothing.  So I'm not feeling bad about it.

Friday I puttered around my room getting it cleaned up, making the bed etc.  I did manage to throw away a garbage bag and a half of stuff so I was happy about that.  I've been reading about the life-changing magic of tidying up and I like a lot of her ideas, but I'm not quite ready to go all KonMari method yet.  That said, last week, before I started reading the book, I had the crazy idea of completely emptying the contents of a bedroom into the living room,  giving it a thorough cleaning, and then diliberately putting things away.  We'll see.

ANYWAY, Friday was good and my room was cleaned and I walked for almost an hour which has nothing to do with Spring Cleaning.  Or does it?

Saturday is always an adventure with various errands etc.  But Ben installed three light fixtures that have been waiting to go in!!! and we put together the last shelf for the laundry/storage room.  I was able to clear a few things out of the storage room and start a pile of stuff for the upcoming neighborhood yard sale (for charity).

While the kids were watching a movie I cleaned the rest of the house, did the dishes once they were in bed, and was pleased with the day's results.

I also helped my kids organize their legos by color, if that counts for anything.

So, next week?  The rest of the kitchen, the living room, the landing, the stairs and the hallways.  The closets are on my list, but since that involves a lot of getting rid of stuff, I might hold out on that until I start the Great Discard of 2015.

Kids' bedroom are also on the docket, the question there is: do I try to involve them? or do I just go at it on my own? Hmmmmmm.

15 April 2015

Spring Cleaning ~ Day 2

So, between yesterday and today I cleaned out my bottom kitchen cabinets.

I cleared everything out, wiped down the shelves, the cabinet walls, etc.  I cleaned and vacuumed out the silverware and utensil drawers.

If there was food in there I threw it out if it was old, if there were crystal serving bowls I received for our wedding FIFTEEN years ago and have never ever used, I determined to take them to the ward humanitarian garage sale in a few weeks.  Likewise, the extra set of homemake popsicle makers and some glass cleaner I don't like.

It's all moving on.

I also cleaned out the microwave, and (mind you) vacuumed the wooden box that holds my nice silverware because I am being nothing if not thorough.

I replaced the baking soda in the cabinet that is occasionally inclined towards an odd smell, and debated whether or not my quick oats might have seen better days.  The jury is still out on the quick oats.  The thing is, I tend to use them only for cookies, and only when I think about it.  For the most part I am a whole oat kind of girl, so these quick oats haven't been used as much as they could have been over the past couple of years and while they are nicely sealed in their bucket it may be time to let the last of them go....I'm thinking about it.

So goes the report from today (and a little from yesterday).  Thursdays tend to be busy so I'm thinking I won't get anything else done until Friday.  And I could have set my oven on self-clean today and finished that, but cleaning an oven produces such a horrible smell, I thought I'd wait to do it later when it's not snowing and I can open some windows (despite the allergies).  Maybe Friday?

13 April 2015

Spring Cleaning ~ Day 1

The Family Room:

Ceilings and walls, dusted, swept, vacuumed, wiped down.
Fireplace wall cleaned with a toothbrush.  Not kidding.
Pictures and frames dusted and cleaned.
Bookshelves dusted, organized.
Slipcovers for the sofa washed, dried and put back on.
Furniture moved.
Windows washed.
Floor and rugs vacuumed.
No longer appreciated or needed miscellaneous put in a box to move onto good will or used in another space.

I also made a list of small improvements needed for the room.

Yes.  One room done.

A lot more to go.

12 April 2015

The Spring Clean

It's time.

Time to air out the house (or actually, because of the horrible pollen causing my allergies, time to keep all windows closed FOREVER while I dust in a voracious manner)...um where was I?

Here we are again, it's mid-April, the weather is decent, and it's time to clean the house in a very thorough manner.

This will not be a consecutive daily effort.  I can't handle that much pressure.  You never know when your previous day of cleaning, or your allergies, are going to kick you down for a day.  I think I have about 20 days of good solid cleaning ahead, which sounds like a lot, and it kind of is, but it includes things like getting the carpets cleaned once I've gone through the house, and it includes the garage AND it includes the scary storage/laundry area that really needs some good solid work put into it.  It's going to take more than a day, I suspect.  As will the kitchen.  So I gave myself some extra days and I'm going at it.

Here we go.