08 September 2014

So Much For That Plan

September, magical month.  Month of kids back in school and me back on top of everything that needs to get done.

Except that the last two days in August hit me hard with the most crazy cold in the history of late-summer colds.  I was exhausted, had very achy muscles and went through several kleenex boxes in a very very short period of time.  It's taken me more than a week to kick this thing and I'm still not completely over it.

My house is a mess.  My meal plans are non-existent.  My schedule is insane.  My sinuses are clogged.
I need to go to bed now.  Maybe it's just the second half of September that is supposed to be awesome in its productiveness.  Yes, that's right.  So I have a good week left to prepare.


20 August 2014

On the first day of school

...My fourth child woke with a stomach bug, threw up three times and ended up drinking Sprite and riding in a shopping cart at Target so I could get some errands done.
Everyone else make it through school, including the newly inducted junior high-er, and the two-day-a-week pre-schooler.
I got some of the house clean, but not all of it.  I exercised.  Except for the sit-ups and push-ups.

The schedule coming up may be insane, but still, sometimes a schedule is an awesome thing.

Laundry today!
Also: first soccer game of the season.
Here we go!

17 August 2014

Summer's End

Well.  It seems that June ended and Summer swallowed July whole.  August was dessert.  No time to get things done other than just doing summer stuff.  Swimming, family reunions, getting kids to practice their piano.

But now, a schedule is upon us.  A very serious schedule that includes 3 soccer practices, 4 soccer games and 7 various dance classes per week.  Also add scouts and other random activities and we have a full plate.  And, you know, school, homework.  That kind of stuff.  We now enter the manic period that is no longer Summer, but is not quite Fall.

What I am saying is: People. The beginning of the school year is insane.  But it requires that everyone get back in the saddle and into the groove,  ASAP.  It's good to get into the groove.  I'm hoping to hop right in and get things done while the kids are in school, because once the final bell rings for the day I will put my driving cap on and be the chauffeur and nothing else.  Well, except for the in-van DJ, but maybe that goes without saying.

29 June 2014

Summer ~ Days No. 24, 25, 26

Behold: a light suited to it's space.

This week we hung a light (many thanks to Ben) and a mirror and painted some picture frames and then hung them up.  One was a success, the other, well, middling--so we'll have to find something else for that particular space.

Some flower beds were also cleared out.  I think I need to buy some more petunias.  Who can have enough?

24 June 2014

Summer ~ Days No. 18 & 19 & 22

Blue.  Sky, maybe.

Thursday I painted a bookshelf and took care of my flower beds a little bit.  Now I just need plants to buy for my flower beds.  Maybe some climbing roses?  And maybe not.

Friday we painted walls.

(Saturday I was at a family thing.  And Sunday was a day of rest.  Where I tried to take a nap, and the kids fought over monopoly.)

Monday.  I did nothing.  I kind of cleaned.  I took another nap because I stayed up too late last week.  And I did nothing.

Somedays are like that.

Yes, they are.