06 January 2016


Or molasses.

That is a little what life feels like right now.  Trying to move and get things done but its going v e r y s l o w l y.

It feel futile to even try to go at all fast.

As I post what I've accomplished for the day, realize there is a multitude of laundry and dishes on the couch and in the sink, and a floor that needs to be swept.  And let's all be okay with that.  Or at least placidly resigned.

The illnesses of winter have descended with a vengeance.  We have colds, sore throats, a bout of strep, aches and pains and a general lack of good sleep going on.

Not to mention other things that are just what they are at the moment.  Life.

Still, we keep going.  We keep slogging through the molasses and moving through the honey; the slow pull on our efforts, the resistance of the task at hand.  But still.  It is life.  And if we stop every once in awhile to rest, if we will take a finger to our tongue, we will taste the sweetness.  It's there.

It's okay to go slow sometimes.

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