20 September 2012

Off the Bookshelf

I have a deep and abiding love for books.  We have bookshelves all over our house, many packed full and tight.  If there is one thing Ben and I have managed to do well, it would be that our kids are all avid, devoted readers and I think it's a lovely, lovely thing. {Props to Ben especially, who does a great job reading to the kids from when they're small up until they decide to ship out on their own.  And then, he still tries to find something to read to them.} 

As a kid I spent so many hours on the couch, on the porch, in the tub (!), and on my bed reading. I still love getting lost in a good book and love to see my kids doing the same.  I like to use books as rewards.  When we have some extra funds I like to take random trips to the bookstore and have everyone pick out a book.  

Occasionally I'll sort through our collection and find a few things to get rid of, but I am a notorious re-reader and hate to get rid of something I am at least mostly fond of!  At the moment I do have a small box of books ready to go off to the second-hand bookstore, but for the most part the books are on the shelves to stay.  {It feels very Jane Austen to make sure I have an adequate library!}

So I thought it would be fun to pick one book from my bookshelf each week and post about it.  It could be for any age and about anything.  So we'll start next week and see how it goes!

P.S.  Isn't THIS a fun/ny idea for sorting books? My favorite grouping mentioned in the article is: Somewhere A Cat Is Waiting/To Kill A Mockingbird/In A Dark House/Bad Kitty 

Image via the article in The Guardian.

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