13 October 2012


I am sitting here on my bed, eating plain ol' m&m's that are surprisingly bad.  You notice the poor quality of the chocolate less when it covers a peanut, or peanut butter, I guess.  I haven't had plain m&m's for quite a long time.  For the most part, I avoid cheap chocolate.  Life is too short, and I lived in France for awhile and the cheap chocolate in France is infinitely better {okay, well maybe not infinitely, because that may be considered a gross exaggeration,  but it's close...} But it is Saturday night, my football team lost, and I'm trying to work my way through a Sunday School lesson, and I am so tired I read and read and can't tell if anything has computed into my head.

I feel like today has been rainy, but I think that was actually yesterday.  I think going to bed at midnight last night made it seem like today was rainy, when really all along I've just been cold and wanting to take a hot bath, maybe with bubbles and maybe not.

The problem is I forgot to buy my lotion when I went to the store.  Which is not really a problem.  It's just something that happened.  And I might normally be really frustrated about that but lately when I am tired, I just feel resigned about things. But hot baths can dry out your skin, and then I would want lotion and that is my story.  Back in the day when I was tired I was easily angry about things.  But these days it's all acceptance.  Which I guess is why I am eating these cheap chocolate m&m's.  Resignation and acceptance.

Hmmm. Maybe I should get some ice water instead.

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  1. Just don't do ice water with m&ms. The cold makes the chocolate all the more waxy. Zut alors!