02 November 2012

Getting Stuff Done


This week I washed my windows.  Inside and out.  
My mom has this handy dandy window washer thing on a pole that works well for my second story windows.  The windows aren't too high because we live in a split level kind of house, so I can just stand below the windows and clean them to my heart's content.  Or until my arms fall off from over-use.  Whichever comes first.

Anyway, I plan to re-do two of the windows today, the one in my bedroom and the little kitchen window that has some rain spots still on it.  But for the most part, my windows are lovely and sparkly.

We'll see if that lasts through the holidays.  What with all the storminess that should be coming through. But at least I will know at one point the windows were clean.

That's all that matters, yes?

Speaking of the holidays, I am on a sort of sprint.  Some people really get into Spring Cleaning.  I am more of a Fall Cleaner myself.  Maybe because I know we will all be huddled inside for a  few months.  But I have a grand plan to get mucho things done, mostly before Thanksgiving, ant all before Christmas.  Some of this includes painting doors and trim.  I have just finished caulking said trim.  The weather looks to warm up again next week, so then I'll haul out the paint and have a go at it.
This weekend I hope to do the pre-winter garage clean out.  Yikes.  I mean, Yes!  Um.  Yeah, yikes.

Really all I'm saying is: wish me luck, and some energy.  I could use it.

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