11 December 2013


Carpet's in.

Also, I ripped out the old parquet on the landing and installed a realio, trulio hardwood floor.  All by myself.  It's not perfect.  I sanded it with my little old rotary sander, and there are a few places it would have been nicer/better to have a heftier kind of machine.  But all in all, it's done, I'm happy with it, and I'm waiting for the darn temperature to warm up a little bit so I can seal it.

I admit to being sort of terrified to start on the floor by myself.  I contemplated calling someone to do it for me.  But in the end I pulled it off by myself.  And then I was a little sore for a few days.

This past month has seen my skillz improve.  I now have a deep abiding love for air compressors, nail guns and miter saws.  It must be in the genes (my mom has been my partner in crime).

Also, Christmas decor is mostly up.  So it's festive.  And that's good.

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