17 June 2014

Summer ~ Day No. 11 & 12 & 13

This is an intimidating picture of a dresser.  On day eleven of this lovely summer I assembled this dresser.  And partially disassembled a bunk bed my sister and I had previously put together.  (I am not doing this alone, oh no.  I have bribed someone to help me with my insanity.)  Ben was out of town for a few days so I took this time to dig into the boys room to (say it with me) get things done.  So my sister and I (dis-), assembled, and stained.  And painted a bedroom as well.  At least this is how memory is recorded of the event.  

Friday, also known as the next day of summer, included putting a finishing coat on the dresser and the partially finished bunk bed.  Several finishing coats as it were.  And painting the ceiling in the bedroom. 

But Saturday, the thirteenth day of Summer, was the big day.  The day Ben came home Unexpectedly Early to a house that had sort of fallen by the wayside, but by golly, a new dresser in place AND (this is the exciting part) a bunk bed that my sister and I had trimmed down just a tad to fit into the space meant for it in the boys' room.  This included the use of a miter saw and some drills and, I'll be frank with you, several prayers that the dollars spent and the work of the previous few days wasn't going to be in vain.

Let us rejoice together, it was not.  Everything worked out lovely and we started to put the boys room back together, the living room invasion by cribs and box springs not withstanding.

It should be noted I am still putting things back together, and the boys room is a mess.  But that is between them and their legos.  It has nothing to do with the fact that I have not put their clothes in their new dresser.  Nothing at all.

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