17 August 2014

Summer's End

Well.  It seems that June ended and Summer swallowed July whole.  August was dessert.  No time to get things done other than just doing summer stuff.  Swimming, family reunions, getting kids to practice their piano.

But now, a schedule is upon us.  A very serious schedule that includes 3 soccer practices, 4 soccer games and 7 various dance classes per week.  Also add scouts and other random activities and we have a full plate.  And, you know, school, homework.  That kind of stuff.  We now enter the manic period that is no longer Summer, but is not quite Fall.

What I am saying is: People. The beginning of the school year is insane.  But it requires that everyone get back in the saddle and into the groove,  ASAP.  It's good to get into the groove.  I'm hoping to hop right in and get things done while the kids are in school, because once the final bell rings for the day I will put my driving cap on and be the chauffeur and nothing else.  Well, except for the in-van DJ, but maybe that goes without saying.

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