29 April 2015

Spring Cleaning ~ a short hiatus

When I said I was almost done painting the bookshelves, I really was almost done, but the paint has to dry and I decided to add a top shelf (which doesn't make sense if you can't see the bookshelves, but essentially they have a shelf with sides that come up that could support a top shelf/cover) and so I went and got some wood and had it cut, then I primed it, and I like to think it has its last coat of paint drying right now.

As far as the first two days of this week...where have they gone?
On Monday I always have to make an executive decision as to whether I'll dive into a Spring Cleaning project or get the house organized and cleaned for the upcoming week.  Although you can't tell at this point, I chose the latter.

Also we have a humanitarian project for our congregation this weekend and so I have been running errands for that.

Also, I'm feeling a little tired.  I should go to bed earlier.

Today has been a little more leisurely, though I did make my bed.  I've made oat meal cookies for our afternoon dash that takes us to piano, ballet and baseball practice.

My remaining to do list is a little daunting.  I could knock out the hallways and stairs and landing pretty easily (not literally, mind you, that would not be easy), but the rest of the kitchen requires a little getting up for.  The dining area mostly needs some reorganization.  But the storage area/ laundry room and the garage really need an all out overhaul and the kids rooms need a good solid Saturday, which I didn't have last week and won't have this week either.

Still, progress has been made.  We'll get this finished yet, Mr. Frodo.

(Thanks, Sam.)

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