18 September 2012


I like pink.  I really do.  Sometimes this surprises me, because all growing up, pink wasn't a cool color.  And I didn't think too much about it.  Maybe I kind of avoided pink, even.  But when my fist baby was born, a girl, I knew that I wasn't for all those "neutral" colors of green and yellow.  I wanted pink.

And then I picked up some pink stripped socks at Target one day in their awesome dollar bins.  And I liked them so much that I bought a second similar pair. I've worn them so much they are getting holes in them. I need to find some new ones.

 I have a pink t-shirt I've worn into oblivion.  And I like to buy dark pink carnations and put them in vases in my window sill.

I like fresh flowers in my house.

I like red lipstick.

I like not wearing makeup.

I like a good pair of jeans.

I like being nice.

I like temperate weather.

I like vanilla.

I like pink.

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