24 January 2013

Mercury Rising

Yeah.  That's from me, on Twitter.  Being skeptically hopeful, which I think one can do best on Twitter.  Be skeptical and hopeful at the same time, that is.  As I type this, I realize I do that all the time.  Such is life, and me, on Twitter.

But, all said, it is supposed to be warmer today.  The outside cat, despite his protests, is back to being an outside cat.  Which by the way, here is a great way to know if you are truly an introvert, but it only works if you have loved cats your whole life, but never had them inside (so I realize, conditions that may be hard to duplicate):  

~ Bring cat inside when it is so cold he would turn into a literal cat-cicle if you left him out.  
~ Look at him happily lounging on his little cat rug.  
~ Enjoy it for a minute.  
~ Happily kick him back outside when the temperatures allow.  Leave him out overnight because we are no longer in the single-digits.  
~ Feel content.  

For the record, let it be noted:  I am an introvert.  I need my space.  Even from cats.

You can imagine that I am extra glad for this storm coming in because not only will it warm things up, it should clear out the air (so dirty!) and then my children can actually get outside during recess.  This will be helpful in channelling any extra energy and aggression that has built up over the last 23 days where they have had to be inside.  

My introverted self is heaving a big sigh of relief. (Cat out! Children out! For a little bit!)  And if she could, she would fly to Italy alone and take a long nap in a small room in a pensioni.  One that had a view.  Only probably not a view in Florence overlooking the Arno, even though she might get there eventually.  No, this soul really does have an affinity for Rome.  So she'd hang out in the outskirts of that city first. 

Which reminds me:  One of my New Year's Resolutions is to get my passport renewed.  A good idea.  

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