21 January 2013

Not quite sub-zero. But almost.

Andy Goldworthy, Ice Ball

It's so cold today.  Still.  As it happens lately, the predicted temperature is about 10 degrees warmer than the actual temperature.  This is especially troubling because the predicted temperature isn't especially warm.  The high today is actually 28, but I have my doubts that we're going to increase by 18 more degrees.  If we actually hit 18 I'll be ecstatic.

I don't remember it being so consistently cold for so long.  Single digit temperatures for weeks, now. The kids have had only two or three days since going back to school where they had an outside recess.  Besides the cold, the air quality is horrible.

The kids do not have school today so we are huddled inside, getting ready to watch the Inauguration (well, at least I am), and I am going to start praying for a warm front to blow in.  20 degrees!  I'm there.

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