14 January 2013

pretend healthy stuff

Today I bought plain ol' regular Ritz crackers.
Not wheat.
Just the plain Jane.  Which of course my children infinitely prefer.

This past year I have taken semi-rigourous (if that is even possible) stock of our diet, which was always pretty good to begin with frankly, and have increased whole grain consumption and tossed out as much sugar as I can manage.  It doesn't always work, but I actually prefer our pizza dough with some wheat flour added in.  Also: honey wheat pretzels.

But Ritz.  I buy them occasionally for school lunches.  My home-prepared lunch is fairly predictable, a fruit, a veggie (i.e. some carrot sticks),  a sandwich, and something snacky.  Hence, the Ritz.

Today at the grocery store I took both regular and wheat boxes off the shelf and compared the ingredients.  It wasn't until I was half-way through the list that I found the modicum of whole wheat flour listed for the whole wheat crackers.

They are not healthier.  They are not good for you.  This is not really a surprise to me.
I needed to buy crackers.  I bought the regular white-enriched-flour-empty-carbohydrate ones.

Of course now my children will devour them quickly and with abandon and in a few weeks I'll pick up the ones with two grains of an entire wheat berry in them because they will last longer and though it won't give us any extra days to our lives or added health and energy, it might save me some money.

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