05 January 2013



We woke up this morning to  -6 degrees outside.  It's been frigid all week.  In another word: miserable. It's too cold to run errands.  It's too cold to go out.   The furnace has been working overtime and it will be exciting to see what our heating bill is this month.  

The kids have taken up permanent residency in their pajamas and robes today, and our outside cat has been moved from the garage to the downstairs bathroom.  The garage does a good job protecting against the elements, but nothing against below zero temperatures.  Unfortunately for the cat, his move is not permanent, because at some point, the weather has to get warmer.  Or else.

I've been doing laundry like a maniac, because having the washer and dryer running helps to heat the basement to somewhat livable temperatures.  I am going to take a long, hot bath today.  Also, I will probably bake something.  I will also spend today converting fahrenheit temperatures to celsius, just to make sure I don't sound too wimpy to my Canadian friends.  For the record, celsius sounds colder.  -21 this morning, people.


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