07 February 2013

And All Manner of Things Shall Be Well

It's a Thursday, but it feels like it should be a Friday.  Not that I mind an extra day, but this week has been strangely long in its unwinding.  It's in the lunches that I pack up each morning where the longness is manifest.  More lunches?  What to put in them?  But I got them made this morning, all the while thinking that I have got to add in more variety.  Both my long-term and short-term pantries have somehow emptied before I could replenish them and I need to arm myself with an adequate cart and hefty checkbook and go buy boxes of tomato sauce and chicken stock and tuna.

It's February, a month of which I am not overly fond (take that dangling prepositions).  But still, there is a shift in the air come February.  The minuscule increasing length of daylight begins to be more obvious.  The haze of winter is occasionally shot through with something more like spring.  I bought myself several miniature roses on sale for Valentines, with the intention of nurturing them indoors until the weather warms and I can plant them outside.  My mind is beginning to garden in my yard, even if my body won't be out there for another few months.

There is blue sky out today.  The lawn is still covered with a crust of snow.  There is a cold but pleasant light filtering in through the windows.  It's time to get ready for the day for real, with lunches packed and children off at school.  One more yawn, and then I'm off...

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