12 March 2013

What I Did Today ~ 3.12.13

Homework Schedule
Image by my 2 year-old playing with my phone.

Tuesdays are the crazy days, chez le Fa La La.  We have ballet lessons all afternoon, so once the kids have their after-school snack we load up the van with everyone's homework and a reading book and head to the dance studio.  We get a fair amount of work done while 2 of my girls are dancing.  And my 2 year-old gets in some quality time identifying shapes on my iphone.  Or playing Angry Birds.  Or something.

Today, I hit the ground running, and had most of my list done by noon.

~ Emailed my accountant so I can get my taxes sent over. (Woohoo!)
~ Touched up the paint on the doors (not perfect, but we're not letting that be the enemy of the good, right?)  
~ Put the door knobs back on the doors.
~Went to the paint store and bought paint for trim and for the ceiling.
~ Went to the Art Framing store and bought glass for some frames I have.
~ Prepared my poster for framing.
~ Emailed some other important people, about important things.

Things I hope to do later today?

~ Decide on what to have for dinner. Prepare  it early (see first paragraph, where I fail to mention we don't get home until 7 pm).
~ Sand and paint legs for dresser (I have a chest of drawers I am adding legs to).
~ Hang picture in kitchen.
~ Clean, for heaven's sake.  Clean!  Especially my bedroom.
~ Fix the curtain rod in my daughter's room before it falls out of the wall.

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