11 March 2013

What I Did Today ~ 3.11.13

a glimpse inside my life

Perhaps you can see by the chair just waiting to be upholstered in this picture of my room/storage area, I have Things-To-Do.  {But first, I must tweet about it, apparently.}

It's March.  The weather is warming up.  We spent a few hours cleaning up the yard on Saturday.  At my house Spring Cleaning is intertwined with fix-it and design projects.  I have so much I want to get done, and an equal amount of things that need to get done.  And you, dear blogosphere, are going to be my supervisor.  

Okay not really.  Do not supervise me.  That will not go over well.  

But I am going to try something here for the next little while, and it's called Reporting on the Blog.  And I'd just like to take this moment to say, blog is such an unsatisfying word.  So maybe we'll call it something different.  Like, What I Did Today.

And today, this is what I did:

~ I made dentists appointments for people.
~ I cleaned the kitchen & the upstairs bathroom & the living room. But just regular clean, not Spring clean.  
~ I mailed Flat Stanley to Australia.
~ I put up a paint sample in my daughter's room. {Enamelware, by Martha Stewart}
~ I painted two bedroom doors.  They may need a little touch ups.
~ I paid some bills. 

I have several kids who are Grumpy.  I blame it on the time change.  Early bedtimes tonight?

Well, I shall report back tomorrow.  Cheers.

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  1. I like the idea of What I Did Today reporting. I'm much more productive that way!
    p.s. We're getting Flat Stanley's guest bedroom ready here! :)