19 March 2013

What I Did Today ~ 3.19.13

Today I painted the door in the kitchen.  

It's the door that leads to the backyard.  It was a sad off-white, did not match the rest of the repainted room, and the previous paint job had been done so poorly.  So I lightly sanded the door (Picture me, underneath a sheet of plastic that has been taped around said door, so as not to get too much paint dust around the kitchen, sanding away ~ awesome.) and then I painted it white.  And then I smiled at it every time I went into the kitchen.  I go into the kitchen a lot, so happy, happy day!

I also painted the door trim in the bathroom, and the cabinet frame in the hallway.  

*        *        *        *         *

I'm debating about what to get done tomorrow.  I was going to caulk up a storm, but the weather is turning cold later this week, and so I should probably get the painting of doors and trim out of the way as much as possible.  I can caulk when it's 34 degrees out.  But for some reason, it's harder to paint when it's cold.  Opening the windows is not as helpful, then.  So I'll just end with one of my life's mottos.  On verra.  We'll see.

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