11 April 2013

What I did today ~ 3.8/9/10.13

 Flight of the Butterflies  {which we saw over Spring Break}

In the aftermath of Spring Break (which involved a planetarium, butterflies, bagels and bowling) I have been lying low.  The bills to be paid are in their envelopes, but need to be mailed.  The laundry is folded but not put away.  The living room is picked up and waiting to be vacuumed.  Tying up loose ends, that's what we're about.

It's been raining on and off.  That makes it hard to get projects done.  I should dive into the spring cleaning that (no real surprise here) we didn't get to last week, so much (we did clean the kids' rooms), but it's funner to spring clean when the windows can be opened and the sun shines in.

I have painted the bottom doors for the hall cabinet/closet. Maybe I'll do one more coat today and then let them dry.  Then tomorrow I can take them outside and sand them a little bit, to make them very smooth and pretty.  Then I will hang them back up and start on the top doors.

Yesterday I dug around in one of our flower beds.  I am a little sore.  I am waiting for the rain to let up a little bit so that I can dig some more.

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