13 April 2013

It's a windy day.

The Church at  Auvers-sur-Oise by Van Gogh

It's been overcast today.  And now, tonight, windy.

We have screen doors in front of our normal exterior doors, and usually we stick a little nail inside of the handle to keep it from latching when it is closed.  We've found it helpful for children with small hands not quite strong enough to shake the latch from its resting place when they want to go outside, so usually the door readily swings open for anyone rushing out to go somewhere.

But when the wind is fierce and present, and especially at night, I go to the front door and to the back door and I remove the small nails holding open the latch and I let it close, securely so that the door will not catch on the wind current and then come crashing back into its frame.  Bang, bang, bang.  We will all sleep better this way.

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