23 May 2013


So much to do, so many dandelions to blow away.  Here comes summer, ready or not.

I'm trying to find a good balance between constructive, productive and let-it-all-go so we have time to read on the couch with the windows open, and the birds chirping in the trees.  Sounds like a daydream, doesn't it?

The tree outside our window is housing a robin's nest, which is lovely.  The tree is also dying of a fungal infection.  Darn, beautiful tree.  3/4ths of the maple leafed out this year leaving some bare branches which are trying hard to put forth something, you can feel it.  But the leafed out branches are tired and a little weary.  This may be our tree's last season, and I am happy for it to be nesting a bird and her eggs, standing guard over our grassy lawn, taking in the time it has been given to do something beautiful, whether it knows it or not.

We're jumping into Summer full force; there is so much going on I haven't made my bed for days and haven't noticed it either.  Tomorrow is the last day of school and we already have a full agenda for the coming weeks; comings, goings and whatnot fill the calendar.

But like our tree, and the dandelions, we'll have some down time to just be.  Which will be nice.

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