05 June 2013

This post should have lots of pictures...

...but it doesn't.  It has one picture.  This one, where a Van Gogh painting has been brought to life using plants.  How awesome it that?  So awesome.

So.  Lots going on at the house.  Mainly that school is out for the summer and my kids have been spending a decent amount of time on their scooters.  (And the ipad.  Who are we kidding?)  We've had the Memorial Day BBQ, some family stuff (sis on a mish), some other family stuff (retirement.  not mine.), and some other family stuff (a get-together with Ben's uncles, who all remind me of my late father-in-law, and his aunts.  It was very fun.)

Also we went camping.  We are surprised that each child, upon being individually interviewed, claims to have enjoyed the experience.  Maybe that is the joy of camping I have never quite understood.  It comes with retro-fitted rose-colored glasses.  I thought that was Paris, but if it applies to Goblin Valley as well, hey, why not?  Also, for Paris?  No retro-fitting necessary.

On the home front we have instigated a helpful allowance program that seems to encourage the kids to get stuff done around the house.

Also, I planted geraniums in some of my amazing planters on my front porch.  AND.  (This is an exciting and.)  And I added an extra spice shelf to one of my cupboards and a shelf in my pantry for organizational purposes.  This is why I should have pictures in this post, because I am very excited about all of those things.

My house to-do list is a mile long for this summer, but check, check, check ~ that's three things done.
Good deal.

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  1. Yea for geraniums! And organizations. Speaking of, we just went through a whole stack of manuals. We were able to get rid of many, many. The cupboard they were in now looks much nicer, and cleaner, and easier to get to.