06 May 2013

Monday Morning

from the blog Portes et Fenetres

Some of my kids woke up really early this morning. (Read: before 7a.m.) Because it is allergy season and I don't sleep so well, this was not the most welcome of developments.  I hate waking up feeling all sloggy, but the wind blew a lot of pollen off the trees yesterday so hopefully we are coming to an end.

Fortunately today's school lunch option was a good one and though they only get one school lunch a week, all of my school kids went for it.

Also, my youngest is still (!) asleep, having made it through the morning noise and hubbub. This is good, except I'm pretty sure he's in underwear, so hopefully he won't sleep too long, if you take my meaning.

Because I am a good person I heated up some already-made oatmeal from last Friday and ate it for breakfast.  I added raisins, cinnamon, and a dash of honey.  I have been sugar free, including honey, etc. for a few weeks.  I had some dark chocolate Saturday night, but I think this way-less sugar thing is a good deal, so I'm going to keep on it.  Also, it's time to bring back the 25 daily crunches which have slipped through the cracks.

I had some really odd dreams last night, that included some violence and blood. I actually don't remember my dream at all, just snippets. I'm pretty sure that it comes from reading The Plantagenets, because in my dream I was in an old church, and those English kings were (shhh.) a little bit crazy... I'm halfway through this incredibly dense and interesting tomb, but I may need to take a little break because I am starting to mix up kings and conquests and battles and the like.

On Saturday I bought many, many bricks to edge my lawn with.  Many.  Which is probably why my back and arms and hands are a little sore.

And now, my son is waking up, so that's my cue to get going on things for today.  If I can handle it in my sleep-deprived, pollen-induced state.

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