02 May 2013

What I've been doing lately

Pretty Birdies ~ instagram by me

The warm weather was back.  Which was lovely because I am more fix-it-up productive when it's warm-ish.  And then it wasn't.  Yesterday was freezing and windy.  It's supposedly back today, but we'll see.  We'll see.  (I'm kind of a sceptic about good Spring weather.)

When the weather was warm I did a little sanding and painting of hall closet doors (the current never-ending project).  And when the weather was cold I got some pictures framed.  My living room has a completely blank wall waiting for some pictures to be hung.  It's been very patient, I must say.

I also started working on the panels in the picture above.  I picked them up at the thrift store several months ago.   You can see the darker colors of the thread where the frames go.  It would be fascinating to see them in their original splendor, but I love the faded look, with a few pops of color.  It's a little less intense than how I imagine the original.   I pulled out some fabric markers and brightened up some of the colors and I am repainting the frames. Then we'll hang them in my daughter's room.  She is excited about that.

Also, I did some house cleaning.  But not enough.

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