01 July 2013

Summer~ish {No.4}

 You could read the novel, by E.M. Forster, enjoying his depiction of the italian countryside, and the amusing story chock full of wonderfully quirky characters.  E.M. Forster's works generally contain devastating plots in one way or another but A Room With A View is the most light-hearted of the Forster books I have read.  Not devastating.  Just funny.


If you are experiencing this ridiculous heat wave here in the west, I suggest you turn on the Merchant Ivory film of the same title and watch the movie, instead.  It's funny, well acted, sumptuous, and all around extraordinarily summerish.  You can pretend, with the heat, that you are actually vacationing in Florence.  Perhaps you can pull together your own creed, an 'Eternal Yes' of sorts, and shout it from the tree tops.  Just don't fall out of the tree.  Ouch.

1 comment:

  1. One of my favorite books and movies ever. I was a preteen when i saw the film for the first time, and admittedly rewound and paused to check out the naked boys running around the pond, heh.