14 July 2013

Summer~ish {No. 5}

It's Bastille Day, le Quatorze Juillet, le jour du fete national (sorry for the lack of appropriate accents), or what not.

America has the 4th, France has the 14th.  We celebrate both at our house.  Today we had crepes for dinner.  The kids hated the dinner crepes.  Oh well.  Everyone got four dessert crepes.  With nutella or whipped cream or fruit.

Today I wondered what the neighbors would think if I flew a French flag from my house a week after the Fourth of July.  Of course I would fly my American flag for the Fourth.  I have little french flag bunting hanging across my dining window right now.

Still, I should see how much French flags cost on Amazon.  Just for fun.

In any case, Vive La France!  Vive la France.

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