26 July 2013

Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch

It's time for the semi-annual No Sugar Month at our house!  My kids protest, and I know it seems kind of over-the-top, but one of my offspring suffers some ill-effects when too much sugar gets involved and at the end of July we generally could use a detox.

I can't say I look forward to it, because I tend to like things with sugar, but too much sugar is a bad, bad thing (and worse, if you want to read this ny times article) and our society is overloaded with the stuff.  It kind of makes me crazy (another topic for another time, perhaps).

Anyway, combined with the no sugar effort will be, on my part, an effort to get to bed earlier and exercise a little bit more.  Really.  Last month of summer and I'm going all healthy.  Because healthy is a good thing.

I'll report in and let you know how it goes.  In the mean time: This, we can all enjoy this.

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