02 August 2013

Summer~ish {No. 6}

Swimming lessons are happening this week and next.  It's fairly entertaining to sit in the bleachers and watch your children figure out how to swim.   Learning how to float on one's back, now that is an interesting process.  The kids in the pool lift their heads up too high, because they're nervous about the water, and their little bodies just fold in the middle and they sink.

I have vague memories of swimming lessons.  I remember the water was cold because it was in the morning, and the pool was outside. I remember the feeling of learning to float on my back.  It must be the feeling of eternity, with the feel of the water all around you, holding you up, and only the blue sky in view.  It is a little bit disorienting.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

School registration was yesterday, so the kids know who their teachers are.
Three weeks until school starts.
That's kind of insane.
This summer has been a little crazy, so I have looked forward just a little bit to the return of school, but the fact that it's so close is giving me pause.
I have been installing shelves.

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