04 August 2013

Summer~ish {No.7}

Flaming June by Lord Frederic Leighton.

This summer is moving with an odd, frenetic pace in which one feels as if they are compelled to run as fast as they can while in the middle of a pool full of jello.  The effort exerted is ample, but the movement is not particularly swift, or thrilling.  Just tiring.  The result is not entirely clear.

Hence: flower beds, semi-planted and in need of weeding, shelves partially installed,  four doors that are three-fourths hung, and more dinners off the cuff than I care to think about, numerous home improvement projects on the horizon, and the intense desire to take a nap almost all of the time.   

Because I cannot nap, I am posting this picture, which is, frankly, awesome and restful looking. And at some point in the summer, one should take a nap.

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