09 August 2013

Summer~ish {No.8}


We're heading into late summer.  I know it's only the ninth of August.  But yesterday the air, a briskly blowing breeze with just a hint of coolness, whispered that Fall was on it's way.

Our sad tree, two-thirds covered with leaves, the other third empty, has been throwing down small branches and sticks and leaves with abandon.  I think it's tired.  I have to call and see how much to have it removed.  Sigh.

I have a pen my brother made from the honey locust that grew in the backyard of our childhood.  Maybe he can make me another pen out of this tree, and I can go around with my collection of dead  trees in my bedside drawer.  That's cheerful, isn't it?  Allysha: Dryad killer.

Maybe though, it's something nicer.  Maybe their souls are saved somehow within these pens, with which I will be able to write forests of words; lovely stories that branch and leaf out almost obscuring the heavens, but not quite.

Anyway, if you want summer~ish?  This song, my friends, is that.

{By the way, the lovely picture above is from one of my favorite etsy shops.  The photographer is on vacation for a few weeks, but when he's back, you should pick something up.} 

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