28 August 2013

Run an art museum. Check.

This lovely piece of art is my own (my own owning, not my own painting. I didn't paint it.  Lorien did), from The Lorflor Project.  I am helping Lorflor herself pack up for London this week.  She was able to have an art show last weekend with all of her amazing paintings and it was so wonderful.

She has prints available here, and there are some originals still available if you look in the gallery portion of her website.

The kids are back in school, although the first grader has been home sick for 2 out of the 5 days.  Once September hits, I plan to be back on the saddle again.  What saddle is that?  The saddle of getting things done.

And it's not that I am not getting things done.  I am.  But just things that don't particularly pertain to this blog.  Mostly it's been mounting art,  hanging up art, and taking down art, and helping to mail out art prints, etc.

Just call me the curator of a very small museum.  It's been a fun job.

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