04 September 2013

Enter Fall

I love Fall.

It's not chilly yet, but it's been overcast in a delightful, fall-ish way.  Thunder rumbles in the distance and I contemplate getting excited about the possibility of this evening's soccer game being rained out.  I shouldn't hold my breath.

We're trying to get into some sort of routine.  Even with school starting, my schedule has been unusual.  Things started to settle in just in time for my kids to come down with some sort of flu.  Stuffy noses, headaches and fevers have been the order of the day.  And kids home from school.  At the beginning of this week my 1st grader had missed half of her 1st grade career.  Fortunately that has remedied itself the past few days.

Everyone was back at their desks this morning (knock on wood).  My three-year-old and I will bang out some kind of bargain where I get some work done and we get some games played without too many movies or apple devices being employed.  He is so happy when the other kids get home.

As far as what needs to get done:

~ Clean the house, sort of a Fall cleaning.
~ Get to work on decorating the kids' rooms.
~ Work on the downstairs bathroom (a never ending project).
~ Decorate the landing/ entryway.

Also: sleep, exercise, and dare I even think it? some writing.

But in the famous words of the French:  On verra, on verra.*

*We'll see, we'll see.

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