24 September 2013



Last week I planted seven arborvitae.  By myself.   It was awesome, me digging big holes in the ground and wrestling trees out of their buckets.  Seriously, I'm sure it looked comical, because those buggers are heavy.  I mean, they're trees.

 The above image is not my yard.  But it totally could be in a few years.  The trees line the fence, just waiting to see what I'm going to plant between them.  I know in the spring there will be many white daffodils.

And what else did I do?  Finished shelves.  Re-hung a cabinet door.

And now I'm thinking of everything I want/need to do and listening to Moby's new album on NPR.  I'm not sure if that's such a great combination.  Moby tends towards the melancholy.  

But arborvitae?  Arborvitae tends towards green.  And awesome.

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