02 October 2013

Gallery walls, trees, zebras...

Today I hung some pictures on the wall.  Not sure how I feel about them.  I mean, I like them.  But I wonder if I'm going for a different aesthetic.  It's a gallery wall.  It's fun.  There's one picture that for sure needs to be tweaked.  Otherwise we'll wait for some day coming stuff, like the sofa I can't decide on, to see if the pictures stay or get spread about the house.

Yesterday I...don't know if I did much. Oh wait.  I got an estimate on getting our tree taken out of the front yard.  How many frowny faces should I do for that?  It just makes me so, so sad to lose our tree.

I have also started taking instagrams of plastic animals and telling little stories about them.  Because...I am a little crazy?  Sure.  But it's pretty entertaining.  For me, anyway.

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