24 October 2013

Check, check, check...

I have been planting bulbs.  Lots of bulbs.  Come to my house in the Spring.  It will be awesome.  You have no idea.

I smoothed out the ground where our tree used to be and put down sod.  *sniff* The tree is gone.  But the grass looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.

I wrapped up my arborvitae with twine for the Winter.  And gave them a pep talk.

I have been dragging bags of mulch to various places in the yard and dumping them over newly prepared flower beds.

I have painted the boys' room.

I have painted E's room.

I ripped out the old moulding and baseboard in the boys' room.  My mom and I put in new.  I have been puttying, sanding, etc.  Add in priming, calking and painting and you understand.  This is glamorous work.  Or not.

I have been listening to Christmas music, NOT BY MY CHOICE PEOPLE, but because Caleb has one Christmas CD in his collection and he wanted to listen to it today.

 (I think) I have chosen carpet.  (New Carpet!)

I have a list a mile long.  It's slowly being checked off.

This post has no pictures because I have had no time for them.  You know.


  1. What an awesome amount of getting done is going on down there before the Holiday rush kicks in! That's awesome.

  2. You are amazing! And I am so excited to see your place in the spring!