20 April 2015

Spring Cleaning ~ Day 5

This is a story about drapes.  Sort of.
It's also a story about cleaning the Living Room.  Which I have done.  Hooray another check on my list!

So, I've:

Dusted the cobwebs,
Cleaned the ceilings where needed,
Put the drapes in the dryer to get off the dust,
Dusted molding around the windows, and frames around pictures,
Taken the books off the shelves, dusted shelves, put the books back on,
Vacuumed everywhere, even under the bookshelves using a vacuum attachment,
Re-hung drapes, discovered there are some dirt marks.
Decide in the end that if I am truly trying to be thorough about this I should wash the drapes.
Wash the drapes.  Dry the drapes.
Because I want to belie my easy going personality, I dust some of my scrolly-wood cut out frames with Q tips.
I clean more bookshelves, polish the piano and some side tables,
Readjust the rug,
Wash the windows,
Clean the baseboards, wipe down closet door,
and finally take down some Christmas lights.
I rehang the newly washed drapes.

The End.

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