18 March 2013

What I Did Today ~ 3.18.13

On Saturday Ben drilled out the hinges on the doors of our hall cabinets.  They were so old and so painted over, they wouldn't come out any other way.  I took the four doors outside, put on a mask, and sanded away.  Then I puttied the divots and holes.  Now I just have to paint them.  I'd like to get that done soon, but the temperature has dropped a bit this week, so we'll see.

And today?

Well, I...

~ Mailed two packages containing chocolate to people I like.
~ Filed my Federal taxes.  Woohoo!
~ Sent off an editing job I've been working on.

None of those things are house related, but they needed to get done.

I also...

~ Caulked underneath the bathroom window sill.  It needed a touch up.
~ Caulked the door casings for both the bathroom and the kitchen door.
~ Started to paint the hall closet frame.
~ Sanded the door trim to the front door.

Coming up:

I have a lot of door trim, and two doors that need to be painted.  I need to caulk a few more things, but I think I might be out of caulk, so a run to the hardware store is in my future.  It shouldn't be too bad if I can just get in and do it.  I do try to wind things down by the time the kids get home around 3:30 pm from school so that I can think about homework and dinner.  Also, perhaps do the dishes.  

If this week I can get either the cabinet doors painted, or get the trim and doors painted, that will be great.  If for some reason all of it gets done?  I'll be over the moon.

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